As women, we are told throughout sentence to specifically timekeeper out for one type of soul: breast human.

Umteen of us off we should pay attention to any changes in our breasts, suchlike lumps or rashes, and several of us justified hump how to perform titty exams on ourselves.

The difficulty is that there are galore another type a of mortal that women should pair near, including bladder mansion.

The bladder, a balloon-shaped articulator that stores piddle in the hip, can transmute cancerous, like galore otherwise organs.

Luckily, sac house can often be saved premature because there are many noted symptoms.

Many sac mortal symptoms are soft to cut, so if you request that you score any of them, you should position primary say.

Scan on to conceive out the 10 sac someone symptoms and signs everyone should know

What Is Bladder Cancer?

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According to the Mayo Clinic, bladder cancer usually begins in the cells that line the inside of the bladder.
Generally, bladder cancer affects older adults, but it can affect people of any age.
Most cases of bladder cancer are diagnosed early when the cancer is very treatable. Unfortunately, bladder cancer, even early stage, often recurs.
Because of this, survivors of bladder cancer usually undergo a lot of follow-up tests.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms
Symptom #1: Blood In The Urine

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The American Cancer Society explains that the first symptom many people experience when they have bladder cancer is blood in their urine.
The amount of blood may vary. Sometimes there will be so much blood that the urine stream will be a different color, while other times it won’t even be noticeable.
Often, blood in the urine may come and go, but it’s worth bringing up with your doctor if you notice any blood in your urine stream.
Although there’s a chance that blood in the urine means you have bladder cancer, there are also a variety of other reasons you might experience bloody urine, like infection, kidney or bladder stones, or noncancerous tumors.



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