10. Teeth whitener

This is gonna be yummy. Mix strawberry and a half and tsp of baking soda rub them on your teeth. Let it stay for a good five minute.Proceed to brush your teeth as usual and rinse well. Do this treatment once a week and you’ll get your pearly whites, commercial worth it smile.

11. Natural cleanser

Stop stressing about your silver ware, cutlery, toys, pans, grill and the bathroom, cause this mixture got you covered! Mix baking soda, ACV and water and use it to wash all those worries away.
You can also use it as a fabric softener and whitener. It can also function as a good cleaning agent for carpets, just sprinkle some on the carpet and let it for fifteen minutes. You can also wash the vegetables in it too!

So now that you have gotten all these good information, go use it and share it with friends! ‘Till next time!


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