Potassium is an important mineral for proper functioning of the entire human body. If the potassium levels in the body are low, then it indicates that it may have side effects on its proper functioning and even in the entire health.

This mineral is extremely essential for the proper functions of the muscles, which includes the heart. There are approximately 98% of the potassium that is found in the cells that indicates if there is even a small change in the potassium level, it may lead to side effects on the muscles, nerves and even in the heart.

Here are the 6 warning symptoms of low potassium level in the human body:


Potassium deficiency can lead to side effects on the functions of the body, just like the digestion process. It in turn may cause cramping and abdominal bloating.

Nevertheless, the low potassium level is not the chief reason behind bloating. Therefore, you have to know the kinds of food that results to constipation.

Feeling bloated

When your body lacks in potassium, it find it hard to regulate the levels of sodium that will eventually lead to salt-induced bloating.

Heart palpitations

Potassium deficiency can dangerously affect the health of your heart. It may cause irregular heartbeat and even palpitations without knowing the reason. The electrical impulses might be also interrupted by the deficiency of potassium that will eventually result to arrhythmia. Because of this reason, it is extremely essential to consume potassium rich foods to avoid the development of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.


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