Tawa-Tawa Plant has been known as one of the most widespread herbal medicines in the Philippines in order to treat dengue. It is not just a simple plant that you can actually pick up and throw away because you will be losing numerous of health benefits that you can actually obtain from Tawa-Tawa if you will do so.

Tawa-Tawa Plant contains a high possibility of treating dengue. It has been already proven not only by studies but also with the series of testimonies of people who have been using it already. Based on what those people who have used it testimonies’, this plant can actually treat the late stage of dengue, which is stage four.

Tawa-Tawa or also known in its scientific name as Euphorbia Hirta is not just beneficial in curing dengue but it can also be used in order to soothe common and variety of illnesses.

Aside of treating dengue, here are some of the other health benefits of Tawa-Tawa, an herbal plant:


According to studies, this plant is known to contain an excellent antibacterial and a non-cytotoxic which is important and effective in curing amoeba and even fungal infection.

All you have to do is to prepare 25grams of this plant per two cups of water. Then boil them for a couple of minutes. Taka around three to five cups in a daily basis until you gets your desired result.


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